VR Systems Receives Certification from Texas Secretary of State for Flagship Voter Registration & Election Management Solution

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.–([1])–VR Systems[2], one of the nation’s premier elections technology companies, today announced its flagship Voter Focus[3] solution has been certified for use by the Texas Secretary of State’s Elections Division. Election Administrators across the 254 counties now have a significant opportunity to streamline voter registration and election management – while saving time and money – with an intuitive product and trusted partner.

“We have received consistent feedback from election administrators that they are looking for a reliable, sophisticated system for streamlining elections management during a time where the need for efficiency and effectiveness is at its greatest,” said Mindy Perkins, President and CEO of VR Systems. “Our team is excited to expand our footprint into Texas and work closely with customers to make elections fully transparent, helping to promote the public’s trust in democracy. We take pride in our commitment to customer service and continually enhancing our products to meet all federal and state regulations while listening and adapting to our customers’ needs.”

With a user-friendly interface and industry-leading security standards, Voter Focus was specifically developed to save election administrators time and money by streamlining voter registration and elections management. It simplifies complex processes into a single solution thereby increasing office efficiency while decreasing opportunities for errors. The solution also eliminates frequent concerns about compatibility and data migration between applications, while offering a streamlined data synchronization with the Texas Election Administration Management (TEAM) system.

“We were looking for a solution where we could do all of our voter registration and ballot tracking work in one place,” said Young County Elections Administrator Lauren Sullivan. “We were using up to six different programs to get through each election. We partnered with VR Systems to implement its Voter Focus product and were greeted with an efficient solution that held all our voter records in one beautiful package. They have customized a product to Texas that meets the needs of counties large and small.”

“We are grateful for the strong relationships we have built with the Secretary of State’s office and counties across the state. Voter Focus is the result of decades of customer input and product enhancements, making it one of the most comprehensive and intuitive systems available. Our entire team is committed to working with counties across the state, offering an innovative solution and dedicated support that evolves with their needs,” said Perkins.

VR Systems currently provides world-class customer service and support with elections operations in more than 100 jurisdictions.

For more information about VR Systems and Voter Focus, visit www.vrsystems.com/texas[4].

About VR Systems

Founded in 1992, VR Systems provides elections management services focused on the integrity of the registration and reporting processes. Following elections overhaul legislation in Florida in the early 2000’s, VR Systems began expanding its offerings across the state of Florida, and today serves elections clients in seven states. The company, headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, is 100-percent employee owned (ESOP). For more information, please visit http://www.vrsystems.com[5].

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